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This site is dedicated to providing top quality education and information relating to the trading of stocks, futures, and forex products.  With the recent advances in computing power and growing access to the internet, millions of users are now able to connect to financial markets all over the world.  We hope that you will learn a few things and take the time to interact with other guests and members in our forum.

What are stocks, futures, and forex?

Lets start with stocks.  Most of us are familiar with stocks which are basically a tiny piece of ownership in a company.  I remember when I was little my friend told me he owned
stock in Disney.  When I asked my parents what that meant they told me he owned a tiny portion of Disney and I pictured a little corner of Disney World that was his and his alone. Boy was I jealous!  Of course that is not exactly how stock ownership works but its a figurative example.  By owning stock you do indeed own a piece of the company and a tiny piece of any property or assets that company has.   There are three ways you can make money (or lose) money by trading stock:
  1. Buy stock at low price and sell it at a higher price
  2. Hold onto your stock and the company may pay dividends which is a cash payout to you
  3. Short sell – if you think the stock price will go down you can essentially borrow the stock from your broker, sell it at a current price, and then re-buy the stock at a lower price and give it back to your broker.  You pocket the difference.

Be careful of risk.   Each of these options is extremely risky for short term (less than 1 year) of stock trading.  The safest strategy to make money trading stocks is to buy stock in a solid company and hold onto it for at least several years.  Read more about stock trading….


What are Futures?  Futures are contracts between a buyer and a seller and they are yet another type of financial instrument that you can trade online.  Unlike stocks, futures contracts are a promise to buy something in the future (that’s how they got their name).  Some examples of futures contracts are gold, oil, currency, and grain.  A little history.  The first futures

exchange market was the Dojima Rice Exchange in Japan in the 1730s, to meet the needs of samurai who—being paid in rice, and after a series of bad harvests—needed a stable conversion to cash.  So you see, futures contracts can help people and companies reduce risk by allowing them to buy or sell a good (such as oil) at an agreed upon price in the future.  Read more about futures trading…..


What is Forex?  The foreign exchange currency market is also known as “forex”.  This is a highly liquid market that trades 24 hours per day 6 days per week.  The forex market allows large organizations such as companies, banks, or even nations to exchange currency.   Typically a buyer of one currency will pay for their transaction with another currency.  The price of that transaction will become the exchange rate.  If you do millions of  transactions per day, the exchange rate will fluctuate.  Investors have caught onto this and use the fluctuating rate as a method to make money.  There are many brokers that will allow the average person (you and I) to trade in the forex market.  Be careful – the amount of leverage that is used in forex can be very high.  This means your broker may let you open a trade for 100 times more than what you have in your account.  I suggest everyone use a good forex lot size calculator to determine a safe amount to trade.   Leverage can be a double-edged sword allowing you to make or lose a great deal of money very quickly.   Read more about forex…….


About the site owner:  Besides being a business owner and investor, Brad is also a registered patent agent and has filed over 500 patents.  Brad is the creator of the free patent template and the example for provisional patent on the PatenFile website.